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15/09/2011 05:52

Movie Studio Takes unprecedented proactive steps to stop piracy

In July, millions of Indians found they could not access their favorite sites file sharing, including popular web servers mediafire, megaupload and Rapidshare. The chaos occurred because the film studio Reliance Entertainment had obtained a court order to the Indian Supreme Court, which ruled the many Internet service providers to offer, even indirectly, a pirated copy of the film Singham.

What are the consequences of concern to break the sentence, but some ISPs blocked the entire site just to be sure, a lot of disappointments to their users.

Despite the collateral damage, according to vice president of Reliance Entertainment music and piracy, Sanjay Tandon, aggressive action was worth it because the film broke several box office records.

"We were able to pay 40 percent of piracy," says Tondon.


Reliance has been active, "John Doe order from Delhi High Court, which prohibits all forms of Internet service providers, web site and services that could potentially be involved in the infringement provided by Bodyguard, directly or indirectly." Order is a measure to prevent piracy Bodyguard. "For the bodyguard, the company has prepared a team that makes the raids to identify without violating copyright," he added.

Hosting services file outside the country will not remove content unless they are served with a removal request, which will then put pressure on local ISPs provide access to sites like RapidShare and Megaupload. Apart from their aggressive enforcement strategy, proactive online, Reliance Entertainment also takes a further step to reduce piracy by addressing the issue of accessibility. In mid-September, just six weeks after the first time in 2500 Reliance cinemas Bodyguard Bodyguard official DVD release.

Source: Movie Studio Takes Unprecedented Proactive Action To Stop Piracy

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