singham box office

09/09/2011 22:38

"Singham 'turned out to be another success story at the box office this season. It stars Ajay Devgn opened on a good note and remained unchanged right through the weekend to ensure that the records of another Bollywood Hit this summer.

As expected last week, the film for 30 crores in the first weekend, so the loan Ajay Devgn his biggest opening ever when it comes to solo starrers. This means that the cost of production and marketing / promotion was relatively lower than many other mega-crore film has released in recent times. What is clear, however, is that how big moolah for the "Singham," is derived from a single display, which means that the film will enjoy a much better distance.

Since word of mouth for the film ranges from above average to very good, "Singham" everyone to enjoy an extended innings in ticket revenues.